It is the policy of Edmonds School District to make available for inspection and/or copying all district records falling within the classification of public records as defined by laws, except those which are exempted from such disclosure subject to the procedures, limitations, and qualifications set forth in the laws and/or school district regulations.

Public records may be requested by completing and submitting the form below. Requests can also be made by printing the form, and then fax the form to 425-431-7198 or mail the form to:

Edmonds School District #15
Public Records Officer
20420 68th Ave W.
Lynnwood, WA 98036

Public Records Request Form

Requester Information

(Form B200)

Records Delivery Options and Fee Schedule

Select one option to receive the records

If the requester asks to have the records mailed, the actual cost of the container to mail the records and the postage or delivery charges will be assessed.

Requester will be charged the actual cost to pay an outside firm for duplicating non-routine formats such as color copies, photographs and blueprints.

A deposit of up to ten percent of the estimated cost of the entire request may be required before copying records.

Full payment may be required before providing the records.

Unless specified in the description field it is assumed that all correspondence involving this request will be through the email specified.

* Required field.

Contract Records

View all awarded contracts. In compliance with RCW 42.56.270, Edmonds School District does not make contract records available until a contract has been awarded and finalized. Requests submitted prior to finalization of the contract will need to be resubmitted.

Who To Contact

Edmonds School District #15
Public Records Officer
20420 68th Ave W.
Lynnwood, WA 98036

Phone: 425-431-7079

Records Resources

Note: The Edmonds School District is not authorized to provide public records consisting of a list of individuals for commercial use (RCW 42.56.070(9)).

By policy, and as allowed by law, the Edmonds School District does not maintain an index of records as it would be unduly burdensome to index all Edmonds School District records given the wide range of school district activities, limited staff availability and the excessive amount of time it would take to develop and maintain such an index.

Revision: 1.5 Date: 01/09/2018